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issa interclean europe

interclean amstersdam 2018

exhibition date: may 15 - 18, 2018

venue: amsterdam, the netherlands

bennett booth: 3-110


the netherlands, here we come. 

pack our bags, full of hope
we embarked on an exhibition tour of the netherlands

for interclean amsterdam,
the international cleaning industry expo
which is the oldest to date
and the leading position expo globally
that we have been waiting for long time. 


may 15th, rai amsterdam

we are bennett, 

and we come from china.

we finally come here after ten years’hard work
and effort we bring our own work 

to interclean amsterdam
where highest professional level products in the world are presented.

may 15th, rai amsterdam

this is our first appearance at the intercleam amsterdam. on the first day of the exhibition, there was a lot of people talked to us at our booth. as a cleaning equipment manufacturer with its own r&d capability, bennett attracted the attention of many professional visitors. there were many people wanted to visit our company in short term. we also met some friends who just visited us in cce exhibition in shanghai last month. thank you for your recognition, and bennett looks forward to more and closer cooperation with you.

business discussion

reclamation spirit

first time in the netherlands

the wind is mild and the sun is bright, flowers and greenery

seawall, windmill, tulips ...

experience this unique country at close range

her freedom, strength and beauty 

the netherlands is a "lowland" country. most of the country's land area is lower than or almost horizontal to sea level, this makes people to reclaim the sea in many places. 18% of the country's land comes from artificial reclamation. reminiscing about the myth of china's "jingwei reclamation", it actually became a reality in the netherlands.


the netherlands, we are here, with our carefully crafted products and determination of hard work.

we are here and deeply experience the tenacious spirit of reclamation.

we are here and grateful for the rare opportunity given by this wonderful world;

we are here and bennett people will make persistent efforts in the future!