economical, practical and flexible

small-sized driving washing machine is efficient, flexible, economical and convenient to operate

product description technical parameter operation explanation operating instructions application case


1. the brush head and the squeegee are raised and lowered by using two levels.

2. two water filling device: the large one --- filling the solution tank quickly. convenient filling pipe is for quick joint in pipeline conditions.

3. water level indicator, it’s convenient to observe the water level.

4. float device: prevent the water into the vacuum motor. (under normal circumstances)

5. easy and complete tank sanitizing.

6. the vacuum head is silenced, guaranteeing a very low acoustic pressure level and allowing performing in highly noise-sensitive environments such as offices, nursing homes and hospitals, without disturbing the environment or the people live in it.

7. very easy to install or remove the squeegee. automatic squeegee uncoupling when accidentally impacted, in this way, the scrubber can pass through and protect the squeegee.

8. electromagnetic brake device makes it not go to roll when the scrubber stops on the ramp way.

9. portable and compact, going in and out of the elevator directly to clean different floors.